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Living Quality

Upgrade of the living quality

NRSCH provides multi-dimensional services of meals, clothing, housing, transport, recreation, mortuary arrangement and religion:

Upgrade of the living quality
Aspects Services Provided
Meals NRSCH helps organize the "Committee of Meals" and offer regular, soft, and liquid diets. Granting of monthly boarding fee of NT$ 3,250 and living allowance of NT$ 3,000 to each senior citizen.
Clothing Regular provision of summer and winter clothing, underwear, cotton jerseys, quilts, sheets, blankets, and shoes. Irregular provision of daily commodities from donation of charities.
Housing We provide double suites, green living environment and courtyard designing to create joyous surroundings.
Transport Hsien- Tian buses run around the Chyu-Chih community 6 times daily for residents' convenience. In addition, the ambulance is on call 24 hours offering emergency relief.
Recreation Common rooms with TV set, VCR, magazines, books, chess, and exercise equipment were attached in this institution. Stone tables and chairs were set in the corridor for residents' leisure time. The Chwung-Hsing Hall, rooms for clubs and volunteers were built to for birthday parties, festival celebrations, leisure programs, and the Double-Ninth celebration (the Double-Ninth Festival is for the elders). Residents also can join traveling programs. The occasional visit and performances from other groups bring happiness to these senior citizens as well. Moreover, voluntary workers render multi-dimensional services based on annual schedule. Before noon, roads along this area are open to the street venders for senior citizens buying fruit, daily commodities, cookies and other necessities. It appears like a small-sized market.
Religion The Buddhist sanctuary and Christian chapel are set up for residents of different religions. To enrich the spiritual life of the elders, NRSCH constantly invites Buddhist teachers, priests, or other clergymen to give lectures. Residents also can participate in religious activities outside the institution. The sanitation is maintained by voluntary disciples. The room for the passing elders will be established soon for burial services.
Others The "Ancestors Hall" is set to place the bone ash of the passing elders. Special workers are responsible for offering sacrifices and worshiping on three important festivals. 20 person cases in the year of 2000.