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Administration Proposal

Administration Proposal of 2019

Administration Proposal
Business Administration Goal Administration content
Residential Care Business Improve living qualities. Fulfill humanistic care.
  • Organize residential self-government committee, select and provide daily supplies periodically.
  • In order to achieve nutrition balance, and health need, hire a dietician to evaluate each meal and organize the diet altering committee for supervision.
  • Formulate special care section for elderly with Alzheimer diseases, and provide proper care.
  • Establish emergency care and communication systems, and provide instant medical services.
  • Conduct case presentations periodically, also actively provide counseling services for elderly suffering from psychological or emotional disturbances.
Medical Care Business Well-establishing medical care network. Promote physical and psychological well-being.
  • Connect with nearby hospitals or clinics, supporting medical, nursing physical therapy and others.
  • Collaborate with government sanitation units, providing health prevention programs, including physical examination, flu vaccine inoculation, chest X-ray and others.
  • Ensure infection control, establish infection monitoring systems.
  • Provisions of therapy installations, assists disabled elderly therapeutically and rehabilitation programs to improve residents body functions.
  • Promotion of environment protection plan, reinforce community hygiene.
  • Responsible for sanitation education to promote healthy life style.
  • Responsible for education training to upgrade service providers professional abilities.
Comprehensive Business Well-utilize social resources
Enrich spiritual life ls.
Strengthen information management
Upgrade service qualities
Achieve community welfare goa
  • Manipulate voluntary resources, well-develop all kinds of organizational activities.
  • Working collaboratively with community groups, providing various festival activities.
  • Emphasize on publicize facility information; make community understand the services provide by the facility and elderly welfare regulations.
  • Encourage business information systems, establish case management systems.
  • Establish and popularize the facility website, update and maintain it periodically, promoting barrier free network.
  • Establish information window, provide guidance services, promoting public services.
  • Increase interactions between facility and community residents, inviting community elderly and other residents, and participate in any leisure activities sponsored by the facility.