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This website is designed according to the principles listed on "Website Accessibility Development Guidelines". The website can be divided into three parts:
1) Navigation and links,
2) Content and
3) Relevant information

The accesskeys of the website have been set up to perform the following functions:
Alt+U:Go to "Relevant information", which includes information of other links and relevant information.
Alt+L:Go to "Navigation and links", which lists all the major links of the website.
Alt+C:Go to "Content", which displays the content of all webpage on this website.

  1. 1.Brief Introduction
  2. 2.Past History
  3. 3.Organization of NRSCH
  4. 4.Contact Us
  5. 5.Social Service
  6. 6.Respite Service
  7. 7.Living Quality
  8. 8.Administration Proposal
  9. 9.F&Q