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Social Service

Status of Acceptance
The object of acceptance is senior citizens suffering from poverty. Other qualifications include: the age of 65-year old or above, registration in 7 northern cities and counties including Chi-Lung City, Taipei County (City), Tao-Yuan County, Hsien-Chu County (City), and Miao-Li County, low-income, and no infectious diseases. According to their health condition, residents are divided into "well-being group" (those who are capable of self-caring) and "caring group" (those who are paralyzed but holding disabled handbooks). The institution offers proper treatment or services to meet various needs. The flow chart of application is as follows:

Qualified applicants will be reported to the NTEH from letters of County (City) governments or Shiang (Jen or Shih) offices where the applicants registered.

Inspection of the following certificates of applicants: certificate of low- income, copy of the household register, and certificate of medical check.

Staff members visit the applicants in order.

Qualified applicants will be informed by local governments or other relevant authorities.